Monday, 10 May 2010

Blush of The Rainbow


PublishAmerica Releases Mojibur Rahman's New Book
An Author from Reading , UK.
PublishAmerica on June 14, 2005 revealed, "We are proud to announce the upcoming release of Mojibur Rahman's new book Blush of the Rainbow: A Selection of 100 Love Poems."
Born in Northern India Mojibur Rahman came to England in 1966. With a background in electronics and after completion of Post-Graduation in Marketing started his own computer company in 1990. He began writing lyrics and poems in English as far back as 1972. Some of his poems have been published in local Anthology and in the books titled"Requiem of Love" and recently in " Valentine Verse 2005."
Blush of the Rainbow: A Selection of 100 Love Poems is a book with varied and diverse themes, topics and titles, which reflect colours of every emotion we feel and experience when we are in or out of love.
Life is full of tears and smiles.Our delights are short lived whereas our tears leave a mark on our cheeks. These poemspaint colourful pictures of our innermost emotions such as love and hate. Love that sparks with a smile and hate that howls into tears.
Simple words have been used to paint a picture of the story behind poems where metaphors and similes play crucial roles to sharpen the image. The colours in the story are embedded in the form of conflicts and contrasts in the poems. Endings are at times sad and leave mark on our memory whereas some poems end with the happiest colours of the emotions.
PublishAmerica and Amazon have already featured Blush of the Rainbow on their websites and have made this book available on-line. This can also be ordered from any local bookshops by giving details such as the title of the book, author's name and book's ISBN 1-4137-7552-7.
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